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Hot tub care

Hot tub care

1. Storage

During the warm season the water should be drained only for a short period of time (water refilling, cleaning, disinfection) to prevent the wood from over drying. The valve on the bottom of the hot tub is used for draining the water. For hot tub cleaning and maintenance use pool treatment and corporal hygiene products. During the cold season wood is prevent from over drying, but it is recommended to drain the water as the ice can damage the wood.

2. Safety

It is recommended to cover the hot tub if it is not used, this will prevented the tub from littering and various accidents involving children. If the hot tub was left empty for a long time and the wood is over dried, hot tub clamps must be tightened.

3. Hygiene

Use disinfection troches for water, to prevent it from fermentation. It will also stop wood from rotting, prolong the life time of the tub, whiten the interior walls and prevent from bacteria.

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